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Want THE coolest job in town? Apply to join our team!

Why is it so special to work at Sweet Apricot? 

For starters, we look at employees like family members. We enjoy getting to know you and helping you grow professionally and personally while you're here. Other MAJOR perks of this gig:

  • 20% discount storewide
  • Flexible scheduling
  • It's FUN! You get to play fun music, light a candle, help customers with their shopping experience, play with pretty clothes, dress mannequins, help make creative displays, play dress-up, make creative outfit combinations and take photos for social media posts. 

What's not to love?!?! Seriously. 

What positions are available right now? 

Click the link to learn more and complete an online application. 

How do I apply?

Complete an online job application form first. If you have a resume or more to share about yourself, feel free to email us at

Still have questions? Call Kelli Langston, Owner at 217-779-5449.