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Visit The Sweet Apricot... A Special Place!

The Sweet Apricot opened doors on Sept 10, 2011. It's currently located at 129 N. 6th Street in Historic Downtown Quincy!  We are open Tuesday-Friday from 10:00-5:00 and Saturdays 10:00-3:00.

What's Special about The Sweet Apricot?

In 2018, a producer reached out to The Sweet Apricot asking us to participate on an upcoming episode of Queer Eye. Fun Fact - I'm such a massive fan of Queer Eye that I assumed it was a prank call. Of course it turned out to be very real and the shop was used in filming the Season 4 Opener - Without Further Ado. The cast and crew were so sweet and genuine, it was the highlight of my professional career.

The Sweet Apricot is located in a 140 year old building on 6th Street! When you come in The Sweet Apricot you'll see the original brick and ornate ceiling from 1880.

Myself, along with other 6th street business and properties owners have joined forces over the past few years to create The 6th Street Promenade. This is a project that received funding approval in October 2020 by the Quincy City Council!  The Promenade is a two block stretch that will be receiving an overhaul of signage, green space, seating, lighting and fixtures - stay tuned!

I'm often asked where I got the name of the shop from. Simple answer, it's my husbands pet name for me. We heard Will Ferrell call his wife Apricot in an old movie and for some reason it made us laugh so hard, that it just stuck.

Here's a shot of me filming with one of the Queer Eye stars Tan France.

Please visit us at 129 North 6th Street Quincy IL